Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Top 10 Canadian REITs List

2011 Top 10 Canadian REITs List

2011 Top 10 Canadian REITs List

2011 top Canadian REITs list

After discussing Canadian REITs this Monday, I thought of building the 2011 Top 10 Canadian REITs List for your viewing pleasure (and trading ideas ;-) ). As I have mentioned before I think this is the right time to buy Canadian REITs. While restructuring my portfolio, I am considering adding one or 2 Canadian REITs.

2011 Top 10 Canadian REITs List

TickerNameMarket CapPrice1Y ReturnDividend Yield
REI-URioCan Real Estate Investment Trust$5,718,694,000.00$22.1322.787656.23
HR-UH&R Real Estate Investment Trust$2,864,070,000.00$19.6428.144264.01
CWT-UCalloway Real Estate Investment Trust$2,702,908,000.00$23.6530.576486.5
BEI-UBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust$2,205,670,000.00$42.0021.726245.45
BOX-UBrookfield Office Properties Canada$2,152,773,000.00$21.75N/A2.92
REF-UCanadian Real Estate Investment Trust$2,092,598,000.00$31.3820.807824.46
D-UDundee Real Estate Investment Trust$1,485,945,000.00$30.2360.895887.24
PMZ-UPrimaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust$1,360,410,000.00$19.7932.250376.23
CAR-UCanadian Apartment Properties REIT$1,319,796,000.00$17.2425.223186.26
CUF-UCominar Real Estate Investment Trust$1,304,211,000.00$20.8414.523056.88
CSH-UChartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust$1,199,403,000.00$8.4023.045636.41

What To Consider When Buying A Canadian REIT

While there are many reasons why the whole sector will go well, it doesn’t meant that you can close your eyes and any stock pick will do. I would say that there are a few points to consider before buying any REIT. Along with regular stock analysis factors to consider, there are a few other things to look at before trading REITs. Here’s my Top Check List on Canadian REITs:

- Types of property held (apartment buildings, golf courses, shopping malls, mortgages, etc)

- Concentration of location (big cities, small cities, overheated market?)

- Stability of distribution (this is what we are looking for, right?)

- Level of depreciation of assets (in Canada, we call it amortization. It is important to understand the accounting distortion when looking at financial statements)

Do You Own Any Canadian REITs on This List?

I don’t for the moment… but building this Top REIT list made me think about it, what about you?


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